TTMG: Winners, winners, everywhere, and not a sponge in sight

First, if you haven’t entered the Things That Must Go Nora Roberts/Joan Wickersham giveaway, it’s not too late. Second, I am quite behind; I love reading the entries for things that must go, and it’s hard to choose a winner sometimes. Which made the poll for last week’s fun. Speaking of which . . .

The winner of the Hanes $50 giveaway is Alisha @ Party of Five with 35% of the vote. Congratulations! Email me your address, and we’ll get the gift cards to you. Thanks to all those who entered and voted, and mostly I want to thank you for validating my inability to love the SpongeBob. I feel like all my time on the internet has not been wasted.

Congratulations also to EMama @ Righter’s Writings for identifying the Pride and Prejudice quote and winning the iTunes card. One of the best things about the most recent version was that I wanted to hold Mr. Collins’ head to my bosom, in a completely maternal sort of way. Not the way that I ALWAYS want to hold Mr. Darcy, whether he’s Colin Firth or Matthew MacFadyen. Though I’ll pass on Laurence Olivier, so not ALWAYS.

And finally, after seven years of procrastination on my part, the winner of the LLBean Tote Bag is Michelle @ Woodbury’s Four with:

The White Van Abandoned in My Front Yard.

Yes, that’s right. A solitary evening last week I was nestled in my bed, listening to the rain pound against the panes of my skylights while reading when I heard something that resembled a tornado. Okay, so I have never survived a close encounter with a tornado, but I’ve watched enough of those storm chaser specials on the Weather Channel to know what a tornado supposedly sounds like. :-) And it sounded like what I heard. And felt. A little rumbling on the ground, screeching, almost a groan like a train….

I dashed out of bed, ready to grab my kids — oh yes, and my 72 hour kits that are complete and ready to go … riiiiight — and hide out in the laundry room. I peered through the blinds to find a white van crunched into my lilac trees in my front yard.

I was too chicken to go outside to check out the situation (hubby was out of town) until the cops arrived. Apparently the driver of the van fled the scene and left me a fine yard ornament. GRRRR! Oh, and did I mention he ran over my recycling bin, too?

The nerve.

I think you’ll agree that it just doesn’t get any better than that. I mean, as far as things that must go.

Deadline on the Nora Roberts/Joan Wickersham giveaway is midnight Wednesday.

Warm Biscuits, Warm Hearts: A Things That Must Go Winner!

Great entries this weekend. I don’t know why I’m so entertained by reading what irks people. Although I had to disagree with a couple of them.

Azucar, for example. I can’t agree that flip-flops (even with wedding dresses) must go. Even though we’re now Twitter-BFFs, I have to stand on my own on this one.

Loved Marie‘s “family reunions. . . . That’s what email is for, people!” I enjoy family reunions, mostly because there’s lots of people to help take care of my kids, BUT email was a big improvement over actually having to talk on the phone to people.

Carolina‘s “lemonade and otter pop stands” was great; I can almost taste the sickly-sweet, too-warm lemonade. And, uh, no thanks on the leftovers you’ve got in your freezer.

Beth and Karin, with “People who are already fit and at the gym” and “woodticks,” respectively, made me laugh and grimace, respectively. Amen. Karen — hope the woodticks stick to your dog from now on!

And Suzie, thank you for the TMI (wink, Mary J!) on “saggy nursing boobs and the sweat underneath them!” Could not agree more.

But the winner is: Gladis. Because it sounds like she would understand my deep and abiding hatred of shoe shopping. Let’s hear it for Things That Must Go: “Inordinately narrow shoes.” Although, with my poor appendages that Dick has called “spatula” and “Flintstone” feet, I probably need the “regularly narrow” shoes to go too. Email me your IRL address, and we’ll get that $50 gift certificate out to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to Warm Biscuit for sponsoring Things That Must Go!


I’m looking for a sponsor for this coming weekend. It has to be a product or service that I would actually use myself, so that kind of narrows things down, but I know there are tons of cool Mom-trepreneur and big corporations out there just dying to do giveaways.

Actually, it would be cool if there were a website where people/companies looking to sponsor giveaways could match up with bloggers who want to host giveaways. Like a Anyone know of something like that?

In the meantime, I’ve posted a (very incomplete) wish list of stuff I’d like to giveaway (It’s heavy on brand names, but only because that’s what’s on the top of my head). If you have any other ideas, please let me know; I’d like to add to my list.

I’m not above contacting companies myself, but I’m interested to see if any of them have Google Alerts set up for their company names, or check their incoming links. If you’re interested in sponsoring a Things That Must Go giveaway, email me at whataboutmom (at) gmail (dot) com. I can supply you with all my reader/traffic statistics.

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Things That Must Go (and a Warm Biscuit Giveaway!)

warm biscuit bedding companyThe good news is that Warm Biscuit is sponsoring this weekend’s Things That Must Go Giveaway by offering a $50 gift certificate.

It’s a good thing I don’t like to shop or sigh over cute stuff when I’m already over-budget for the month year, because I haven’t had this much fun browsing through an online store since I discovered Pottery Barn Kids. Warm Biscuit is just as fun and homey-elegant as PBK, and, well, their prices are more reasonable.

Warm Biscuit’s got lots of fun summer gadgets to entertain the kids, in addition to their regular cute, vintage bedding, curtains, furniture, jewelry, and more. They are all about encouraging kids to use their imaginations rather than rely on the demon electronics.

Here in Utah we’ve got “ox elder” bugs, as Susan calls them. Sally and Susan walk through the living room at least once a day with their hands cupped tightly over a glass, to release some insect outside our apartment. (Maybe if they stopped snacking in their room there wouldn’t be so much wildlife indoors?) Think how much more fun their mission of mercy would be with this stylish bug catcher


If you’re really brave, or want to get back at a friend with kids, consider the drum set.

And if your husband happened to get you, say, a carpet steam cleaner for Mother’s Day (again, and I love it! Honey!), Warm Biscuit has gifts just for mom, like this beautiful personalized bracelet (do I sound like Vanna White, or is it just me?) But really? I would totally wear this:

To be eligible to win the $50 gift certificate, simply leave a comment about your Things That Must Go. Deadline is Sunday at 10 pm, and I’ll announce a winner (and any other spectacular entries) on Monday. Warm Biscuit also has free shipping on any order over $45 right now (enter the code: wbblogging4148). 

things that must goMy Things That Must Go

The bad news is I can think of about seven Things That Must Go. But a few of them are rather unmentionable. I’d say this period that is worse than any period I’ve had in thirteen years must go, but I don’t want to alienate my three male readers (Hi guys! Sorry!).

cow tongueI’d also say that men with tongue piercings must go, but really, if I can’t see yours, then it’s fine. It’s when you’re walking across the street and sticking your tongue out to play with it that I have a problem.


My real Things That Must Go are:

1) People who say things like, “I’m really not happy unless I’m always learning something new.” Right. If I’m not studyin’ up on them esoteric Chinese horticultures, I’m just sick. Sick.

2) Taking life too seriously. A friend sent me a link to the hilarious blog Seriously, So Blessed. The best satire is that which almost sounds like it’s for real, like Swift’s A Modest Proposal. Seriously, So Blessed isn’t quite believable (although some of the commenters have been fooled), but if you’ve got a couple minutes to kill, head over for some laughs. Only, don’t forget to come back and share your Things That Must Go!

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Who luvs LUVS luvs? And not those short shorts.

Normally I can’t stand kyoot spellings like Kid’s Korner or Kathy’s Kwik Kuts. (Why is the letter “K” so over-represented in this awful category?). But Luvs is okay, and not just because they sponsored a giveaway. No, “luvs” is vaguely British enough to gain some respectability, and also I get that it’s a cute, marketing-friendly play on the one true spelling.

things that must goAnyway, I enjoyed reading your Things That Must Go entries. And the winner of the Luvs and Anita Renfroe DVD giveaway is:

Beth of Blog o’ Beth with the Diaper Genie. It was funny, and so true, and, though this wasn’t a requirement, on-topic. I had a diaper genie with my first, took diapers to the can outside with my second. And with the third? Eh, at least I put them in the trash (which is more than I can say for leave-’em-on-the-ground Dick). Send me your address and we’ll get this out to you asap.

Laura Williams was a close second with: “My forgetfulness. I just came home because I forgot something that I actually had with me in the diaper bag.” Show me someone who has not forgotten something they really didn’t (not?) forget, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t have enough to think about.

Thanks to everyone who entered (and don’t forget the $5 coupon on starting June 25).

Next Weekend’s Things That Must Go giveaway is for a $50 gift certificate to a really cool online store.

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In which we will never use any baking powder except Rollings Reliable: a GIVEAWAY

I got excited when a certain diaper company asked if I wanted to do a giveaway of a “pack of Luvs diapers featuring Bear Hug Stretch and a DVD of Anita Renfroe – a $30 value,” even after I read that the (obviously jaded) Mom-101 wasn’t over-impressed by the pitch.

What can I say? I LOVE disposable diapers. There’s nothing better than a new pack of diapers. It’s like a baby trinity of comfort, technology, and convenience. Even worse, I love to wrap a stinky diaper in a PLASTIC grocery sack and throw that in a PLASTIC trash bag and throw that in a landfill. Will future generations want to flog me? Probably. Will that EVER decompose? Who knows. Future generations probably won’t even know.

Have you heard of Anita Renfroe? Yeah, uh, me too. On YouTube, you can see Anita do her William Tell “Mom-sense.” Even better is her Dad-sense piece:

Of course, we don’t want to fall into the Berenstain Bears trap of devaluing fatherhood, but this is too funny!

So it is with a light heart that I offer you the chance to win a pack of diapers and a DVD of Anita doing her Mom-Comedy thing. And I’m offering it on the weekend (when my traffic is lower), so if no one enters, I’m pretty sure I get to keep it myself.

I will say that, besides always using Rollings Reliable Baking Powder in my house of dreams, I have often bought Luvs diapers and I like them because a) they’re better than generic, b) they’re cheaper than Pampers and Huggies, and c) unlike those evil Sam’s Club brand diapers, they don’t give my kids hiney hives.

things that must goTo enter: leave a comment about Things That Must Go. I’ll give you two examples from my quick run to Blockbuster just now.

Things That Must Go

1) Clerks, especially female clerks, calling me Ma’am and telling me to have a nice evening. Do I LOOK thirty-five?

2) Grillz candy. When we lived in Florida, our next door neighbor had a gold tooth with the letter P carved in it. He carried around a brown paper sack that he drank from starting at 10 am. Turns out he didn’t actually live there, he just distributed drugs, which we learned after shots were fired into our house one day.

We never saw him again and later Eddie moved in. Eddie was a nice guy, and also not a drug dealer. Call me crazy, but I don’t think my kids need to mainline sugar while wearing tin-foil partial dentures.


Enter as many times as you like, one comment per entry. (Even if you no longer need diapers at your house, they make a great baby shower gift). Deadline is Sunday night at 10 pm. I’ll pick a winner and get those diapers and a DVD to you asap. Whether you win or not, check out on June 25th to get a special $5 off coupon. Have a great weekend!

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