WFMW: Twitterpated

2 years ago . . .

Dick: Jane, you should start blogging. I’m about to find the cure for cancer with my blog, and another blogger I know is about to establish World Peace.
Jane: Nah, blogging looks so narcissistic, and time-consuming.

1 1/2 years ago . . .

Jane: Maybe I should start a blog. I could write about the kids. And ignore the house. And become the next Helen Keller, only not blind, and not deaf, and not an inspiration to people everywhere.

2 months ago . . .

Dick: Jane, you should get on Twitter. Twitter is micro-blogging: you stay connected with people, build relationships/networks, find World Peace.
Jane: Twitter is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard of. If you like someone enough to want to know what they’re doing all day, don’t you already know? I mean, ’cause you’re on the phone or the IM with them?

1 1/2 weeks ago . . .

Jane: Dooce is on Twitter?
Dick: Lots of really cool people are on Twitter.
Jane: And you can follow whoever you want?
Dick: And Barack Obama will follow you back. But not Dooce.

Dick and Jane are twitterpated with Twitter. You can follow me right here. If you’re not ready to get an account of your own, you can subscribe to the feed of WhatAboutMom‘s “Tweets” — short (140 character max) updates on what I’m doing/thinking right now.

You can also follow the mama bird diaries or Daring Young Mom or Mom101 or TaraThinks. If you’re on Twitter, tell me your ID. I want to follow you, to the ends of the earth. It’d be cool to have a listing of all the Mom-type Twitterers. Maybe on my sidebar . . .

I like following Dick and having him follow me. I get to keep up with what he says to his colleague-type followers (especially those attractive female colleague-ish Twitterers) and he gets to keep up on all the startlingly brilliant things our kids do in real time.

If you have an iGoogle homepage (why wouldn’t you?), you can get the BeTwittered gadget for your homepage, so all those Tweets are at your fingertips, right next to your Google Reader and your Gmail and your To-Do List and your Wikipedia gadget. WHO NEEDS TO EVER LEAVE THIS CHAIR?

Twitter is what works for me today. I’m kind of scared to see what Dick suggests next month. Microchips? Telepathy? Date Night?

How open lines of communication and pet names can strengthen your most important relationship

So, Dick works for a company that is in the top 10 of conservative companies in the entire world. He loves his job. Even though he has to wear a suit everyday and shine his shoes and be interviewed as to his personal righteousness every two years. He actually says he doesn’t notice his tie anymore. (Dick = ties like Jane = bras, if that tells you anything).

bank.jpg google-talk-image.png

It being the month of Love, Dick and I have been communicating more than usual. I lie: we communicate pretty well all the time. I could hate my life, hate Dick, hate the kids, hate . . . don’t know what else there is to hate, but I would tell Dick about it first. We talk.

We even have stupid endearing nicknames for each other. He calls me Scrappy, I call him Dickie Boy (only with his real name instead of Dick). And other nicknames for other things that I won’t share in public. As I said, we talk, and, uh, snuggle.

Today I google talk’d (like IM) Dick around 10:30. I wrote, “you there, hot stuff?” because I had no idea he was, at that moment, giving a demonstration on his laptop to the general counsel of this very conservative company. I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase “hot stuff” before in my entire life.

They had a good laugh. Dick still has his dream job. And I’ll be a little more cautious in my communication from now on.