Game Overveiw

Fibonacci’s Adventures in Mathematics is an educational game aimed to teach fifth graders algebra. The main character, Fibby is trying to move from his home on the beach to the forest. Along the way, he encounters problems from trying to find the cheapest moving company to searching for missing rocks. All of these problems he solves using algebra and the help of the player.

Fibonacci’s Adventures in Mathematics!

What is This?


The goal of this engineering project is to create an engaging educational math game for fifth graders (while we might expand in the future). With the new math standards, many of the previous math games on the market are irrelevant. Many of the available apps are either expensive, not engaging for the students or both. Most of the highly rated games are at least $2, which can get expensive for a whole school. We want this game to keep the students engaged throughout the game, have students experience less frustration than a typical math app, have children show improvement in given subject, and to be able teach math through word problems, diagrams, and example problems.


We plan to start off with a before survey, have the student play our game, and then have them complete an after survey to gauge their actions and improvement.

We Hope You Enjoy Fibonacci’s Adventure’s in Mathematics!

-Callie & Aminah