Game Overveiw

Fibonacci’s Adventures in Mathematics is an educational game aimed to teach fifth graders algebra. The main character, Fibby is trying to move from his home on the beach to the forest. Along the way, he encounters problems from trying to find the cheapest moving company to searching for missing rocks. All of these problems he solves using algebra and the help of the player.

Links for Testing the Game

Hello Fifth Graders!

These are all of the links required to test Fibonacci’s Adventures in Mathematics.

Survey Before Game:

This survey will gauge how much you already know about algebra. Please take it before you do anything else.


Our Video:

This takes you to a video explaining the basics of algebra. Watch it when the game instructs you to.



Play through it at your own pace.


Survey After Game:

Please fill out this survey after you’ve played through the game. It sees how much you’ve improved while playing our game.


Fibonacci’s Adventures in Mathematics!

What is This?


The goal of this engineering project is to create an engaging educational math game for fifth graders (while we might expand in the future). With the new math standards, many of the previous math games on the market are irrelevant. Many of the available apps are either expensive, not engaging for the students or both. Most of the highly rated games are at least $2, which can get expensive for a whole school. We want this game to keep the students engaged throughout the game, have students experience less frustration than a typical math app, have children show improvement in given subject, and to be able teach math through word problems, diagrams, and example problems.


We plan to start off with a before survey, have the student play our game, and then have them complete an after survey to gauge their actions and improvement.

We Hope You Enjoy Fibonacci’s Adventure’s in Mathematics!

-Callie & Aminah


Girl Scouts

Yesterday was so much fun! Our family recently got involved with Girl Scouts, and I’m really starting to enjoy it. Yesterday we had a ‘cookie’ meeting, where the lady in charge talked about cookie sales and how to sell them, which are the top sellers, and how the money from the cookie sales help the Girl Scouts. We’ll  have cookie booths that we’ll set up outside grocery stores. She says that she even has giant cookie costumes. It sounded like so much fun, and I can’t wait to get started. There are, like, a ton of different cookies. If anyone wants some, call my dad. The cookies are 3.50$ a box, which might sound like a lot, but every penny goes a long way.

Yesterday, before the cookie meeting, we were looking through our Girl Scout book thingies for different badges that we could do. I wanted to get started on the comic artist badge for my level, and my sisters are doing painting badges. – they’re in different ranks, but Callie has an artist badge and Lucy has a painting badge. I honestly don’t know the difference.- Anyway, we went to the store and got tons of painting supplies, including about 5 different paints, some brushes, a palette for mixing paints, an acrylic paper drawing board, a sketch board, felt pens, and pencils. Then we sat down at home and painted some still life and abstract art. They rock! Callie drew a still life of a coconut, which my dad is hammering open right- ow! a flying piece of coconut shell just hit me in the ear! **$#**%$**!?!?!!Okay, now I’m good.

By the way, has anyone seen Vi Hart’s doodling in math videos? To see them, go onto Youtube and search Doodling in Math or Vi Hart. She is so cool!

Geek Squad Academy

So on August 8-9 I went to Geek Squad Academy. You know, those Best Buy guys? It was really fun! We played on xbox, assembled a PC desktop tower, then raced to assemble one against an instructor- who was blindfolded. My team got the best time in the whole group- 3:12!!!!! We also did cool video programming, and awesome digital photography with stop motion animation. We made some really cool stuff. We also got to create our own digital music and save it on our cool flash drive we got, along with a cool tee-shirt, a cool backpack, a cool lanyard with a cool name tag, free lunch both days,-Chick-fil-a! awesome! cool? very cool!- for two days, from 9:00 – 4:00, for ages 9-14. It was held at the children’s discovery gateway museum, in Junior Achievement city. The instructors were very nice and interactive, and I made tons of friends, -one of which you should check out her cool science I am so going next summer!

I should explain the ‘cool’ thing. Every time an instructor said ‘cool’, we got to shout ‘very cool’ as loud as we could. That was definitely one of the best parts about it. We got to be as loud as we wanted!!!

Who wants to write an essay on water conservation when they can write fiction?

So my mom’s aunt wanted me to enter a water conservation essay contest, and I’m like, why in the world would you write an essay like that for fun? I only do stuff like that because I’m required to.(No offense, but I think that’s crazy! Why would you write about water conservation when you can write fiction?) I mean I know some people love to write non-fiction and essays all day long, but I am not one of those people. Sorry, I know it doesn’t matter if you like non-fiction or fiction, but I really, really do like fiction/fantasy. Speaking of which, I am working on a book/story, which I haven’t figured out a title out for yet. If you have any suggestions(mom and dad excluded)or comments, please respond. Here is the first chapter:

I stared at the dark chestnut door in front of me. I started to lift my hand to the brass lion knocker, then dropped it, embarrassed. Blinking back tears, I turned around and sat down on the nondescript porch steps, burying my head  in my hands. I only remembered bits and pieces of last night, but they were enough to help me understand what had happened. They had tried to kill me. I sighed. This shouldn’t  surprise me. After all, my entire life was full of ill fortune and bad luck. First, my mom had three miscarriages after me. Then, after a poor harvest, our farm had burned down to the ground in a terrible fire that had also killed my father. When we moved to Gristone, we thought our troubles were over, until now. Me, mom, my six year-old sister Uniasus and my two year-old brother Cougar. Weird names, I know. Mine’s Phoenix. Mom said it was a family tradition to name our kids after animals. I had no idea what a uniasus was until my mom explained it was a unicorn and pegasus put together. Cool, right? My mom’s name was Falcon. More tears squeezed out of my eyes. I missed her so much! I hoped she hadn’t been hurt or killed by that mob last night. I could only hope that what ever had taken me to this place had also taken care of my mother, Uni, and Cou. It was a thin hope, I know. But I’m not doing them any good sitting on someone’s porch, I told myself. So, gathering up my courage, I got up, turned around, and marched to the door. Before I could think about what I was doing, like a robot I stiffly lifted the brass knocker and pounded it on the door three times. Nothing happened for a moment. I nervously chewed the inside of my cheek. Then I heard voices and nearing footsteps. Relief swept through me at the same time nervousness made my stomach feel like a rock. What was I going to say? Oh hello, me and my family just got forced out of Gristone by an angry mob and I lost consciousness and woke up in your meadow. So, will you take me in? Yeah, right. But I didn’t have any time to brood on that, for the door just creaked open, reveling a plump, black-haired woman in her forties. She took in my bedraggled hair and dirty dress, my weary atmosphere, my pink cheeks, and the emotions that swept across her face were shock and concern, not disgust like I had expected. ”Oh dear, dear! Oh no!Preston!” she called over her shoulder, like the world was ending. I narrowed my eyes. Did I look that bad? But right then a giant wave of vertigo, tiredness, and hunger swept over me. I stood, swaying on the spot. The women looked back in time to see me throw up what was left of the food in my stomach, than faint, falling on top of her. Ugh. Not again. What was it with me and fainting?

So I know I need to work on it some more, maybe add more details. It’s not the best, but if you could give me some suggestions it would help. Thanks!