Game Overveiw

Fibonacci’s Adventures in Mathematics is an educational game aimed to teach fifth graders algebra. The main character, Fibby is trying to move from his home on the beach to the forest. Along the way, he encounters problems from trying to find the cheapest moving company to searching for missing rocks. All of these problems he solves using algebra and the help of the player.

Links for Testing the Game

Hello Fifth Graders!

These are all of the links required to test Fibonacci’s Adventures in Mathematics.

Survey Before Game:

This survey will gauge how much you already know about algebra. Please take it before you do anything else.


Our Video:

This takes you to a video explaining the basics of algebra. Watch it when the game instructs you to.



Play through it at your own pace.


Survey After Game:

Please fill out this survey after you’ve played through the game. It sees how much you’ve improved while playing our game.