Everybody’s doing it

She doesn't like the next new food (oatmeal in this case) as much as you might guess from this picture.

Last night I was reading a trashy novel on my iPod while Tom watched a TV show on his laptop. In my book, the heroine’s brother had been incarcerated for hacking into Twitter and bringing it down for 48 hours. Just then a character on Tom’s show talked her way into a trendy restaurant by telling the maitre’d how influential her foodie blog was. I realized a couple of things:

a) we might need to look into some loftier entertainment options


b) blogging (and Twitter and zumba and {insert latest trend}) was a lot funner when no one knew what a blog was.

Now I’ve got my grandma(!) defending Mormon Mommy Bloggers (I’m getting to that post; grandma wrote her grand defense on a computer with a 3 1/2 floppy drive and no internet access) and I can’t even read a fun romance without being reminded that I haven’t been on the Twitter much lately.

It’s not that I’m a pop culture snob (obviously), or that I have any trend-setter/early-adopter pretensions (I only started blogging after Tom nagged me for a year, same with Twitter), it’s more something like Groucho Marx’s thing about not wanting to be friends with anyone who would be friends with him. Or something.

Anyone have a fun new hobby?

4 thoughts on “Everybody’s doing it

  1. I read somewhere the other day that blogging is out of fashion, which is a good thing for “true” bloggers because all the people that started blogs just because everyone else was doing it are getting out of the way. I think its also that the people that started blogs thinking they’d be the next Dooce / PW or that it would otherwise get them a writing contract or living-wage advertising revenue have figured out how unlikely that really is. For me I realized it was actually hurting my writing. I was creating a false voice that wasn’t really me, trying to appeal to an ADD audience, churning out stuff that didn’t matter in the least.

  2. You are right… Things seem more fun when before they become hackneyed. But I will keep going to Zumba, and Twitter, and blogger. Ugh, I am such a follower.

  3. When I was young I had an aversion to any trendy activity. Then one day someone dragged me to some all day scrapbooking thing and it turned out I really enjoyed it. After that I realized avoiding trendy things just because they are “the in thing” is just another version of mindless conformity. So I give all interesting things a shot. If I like it I keep it, if I don’t, I won’t. Whether it is the new hot thing or not.

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