Pink Christmas

Grandpa David and Sean, Liz and Rachel Carey came over to spend Christmas day with us. Sally and Susan got some awesome …pink… presents. Dick got a bunch of weight-loss tools and I got some cool Wolfgang Puck knives. hmmm…

The girls also got bathtub paints…

Dick and Spot were a little tired…

Shannon and Tom start the Johnson Weight-Loss Challenge

oh right, it’s Christmas time. But at the Johnson house, it’s get ready to lose weight time. Dick and I have joined Auntie Liz, Uncle Sean, Grandpa David and Nana Marian in a weight-loss challenge. We have to lose 25 pounds between Christmas and Easter, or pay 100 to the winners (if either of us wins, he/she could win up to 500). Quite the incentive. Dick’s all excited about, the diet and motivation website recommended by Grandpa David.

Christmas Eve on the Beach (gotta love Florida)

We spent Christmas Eve (after being on time(!) to church and all that) at the beach. Later we had a yummy dinner of pork roast, mashed potatoes, rot kohl and peppermint-eggnog punch (minus the rum). Sally led us in Away in a Manger and Picture a Christmas after we convinced her that I have a Little Dreidel, while fun and upbeat, is not exactly a Christmas song (at least she doesn’t know any Kwanzaa songs yet, despite the best intentions of the Pinellas County School Board). Dick and I then performed a puppet show of the Nativity (hey, it wasn’t too sacrilegious, and it did keep the kids’ attention).


Christmas Letter 2006

Well, 2006 finds us in the same house as last year (much less the same country). But I like to think we’re still basically just on our way to Australia. Meanwhile…

Dick is a star. He doesn’t make millions of dollars (unfortunately), but he is a star—mostly because he is way too interested in learning how to do his job better. Sally and Susan love getting bull rides and doing the Cha-Cha Slide with Dad.

Jane gave birth to Spot in October. She’s discovered the secret to enjoying church with three kids—be late, but not too late. Twenty minutes is perfect, late enough to make a difference, but not so late that you feel too guilty or miss the whole thing.

Sally is enjoying kindergarten and dancing/galloping everywhere. She’s also learning to combat Mom’s disciplinary tactics by drawing evocative stick figure pictures accompanied by captions like, "Mom tuk my tuos. I am sad, rile sad."

Susan is going through a destructive phase (we hope) directed mainly at expensive picture books. Perhaps this is a reaction to seeing Mom reading while nursing baby Spot. Luckily, Sally and Susan are devoted co-conspirators and tea-partiers.

Spot is already showing signs of being as super-chunky as Sally was, rather than normal-chunky like Susan. She’s smiling and slept through the night at 4 weeks (is Mom a good sleep-trainer or what?).

Ode to Tara

oh Tara, my Tara, how do I miss thee, let me count the ways…
at the mall food court (by myself),
at the park with the bus and too-low tables (by myself),
at church (regrettably, not by myself),
at my favorite store (walmart–favorite by necessity, not real preference),
at dinner (that I’ve unfortunately had to prepare alone),
at a hundred other places and in a hundred other ways,
i miss thee!