Mowed the lawn in the dark, took shower with emergency bottled water

Our lawn was so high yesterday I just had to mow it, but it wasn’t until about 9:15 p.m. that I finished, and I could hardly see whether I’d gotten everything because it was dark. Part of the reason I just had to mow it was because apparently our hose had been left on, and I couldn’t even find the hose because the grass was so tall. Then I ran over the sprinkler with the lawnmower. The city came and shut the water off because of the hose leak, which had leaked 13,000 gallons in 4 days. They are only open 8 to 5 of course. So this morning I had to use one of our emergency water bottles (5 gallon jugs) to take a freezing cold shower. Did you know it takes about 5 gallons to take a small shower? Clearly I’m falling apart without Jane. The reason I got home so late was because I had met with the fishing guy at Paneras for 2 hrs. Oh yeah, he gave me a free lure. I am all set for Saturday. 🙂

Callie’s Near-Death Experience

Hah-made you look. Susan fell off and under the trampoline into the rock and dirt pit last night.? The day before she had gotten stuck? in the crevice and? I? yelled at Sally to pull her out. Sally? later? got stuck and was wedged at her upper torso level for awhile before? Grandpa Dick? pulled her out.

Last night we were sitting around the table on the deck after dinner talking about how dangerous it is when I heard Susan? crying. I ran over and pulled her out. (didn’t think the pregnant lady could run that fast, did you?). She was scared and filthy, but unhurt. She sat on my lap and stopped crying quickly. Wanted to get back on the tramp, but I convinced her to go play in the sandbox (where she immediately climbed up the scary-looking? ladder to the treehouse by herself).

Poor Sally said,? “Sorry Mom, I wasn’t watching her.” I told her it was ok? and that? I wasn’t watching her either. ?

Summertime in Zion

I feel like this is more of a letter to Dick than a journal entry, but maybe that’s okay. Yesterday we met Hannah, Brad’s fiancee. Sally couldn’t remember uncle Brad’s name without a lot of prodding, but we liked Hannah. She modeled her wedding dress for us and showed us her ring. She is happy and smart and seems mature enough for marriage.:)

Talking about her upcoming wedding and observing other marriages up close this past week and missing Dick have made me reflect on my own 8 year marriage. Last night I was thinking about our courtship and actual wedding day. Dick teases that I barricade myself with my 5 pillows at night (hey, I’m pregnant), but the truth is I always stretch out my hand so i can touch some part of his arm, back or shoulder as I drift off. I miss that.

We were talking about how marriages turn out good or bad on Sunday night, and Dad said “all marriages come from the same place,” which actually I completely disagree with (I know, big surprise that I’d disagree with my Dad); many people seem to marry for the wrong reasons or at the wrong time or place, and surely those marriages don’t start off with the same potential as the other ones (maybe they do. maybe you can view the marriage day as a new start, but it’s not exactly like baptism, is it?).

Anyway, his point was that marriage is what you make it (my words) and that saying you have a bad marriage says a lot about you as a person. Marriage is a lot of work, blah blah blah. I almost feel guilty for having such a great marriage without having had to do so much work.

Of course, Dick still leaves (gets in the car anyway)? before I’m ready to go (pet peeve #1) and slurps his? food (#2), and sets the table wrong and leaves the toilet seat up, the cap off the toothpaste and the toothbrush itself (which we have shared for over 5 years–with different replacement heads!) in weird places (I might do this last one myself on occasion). But I really love him, and if I had to live long-term without him, I would need a lot more caffeine than my current half-can a day intake.

I mentioned last night that I’ve become aware, recently, that we were pretty tacky in having Dick wear tails for our wedding when the attendants all wore plain suits (among other etiquette concerns), but he looked extremely handsome, and young. Our wedding in the Manti Temple, our reception in my parents’ gorgeous backyard and our marriage have been better than anything I could salivate over in a glossy magazine.

(Our wedding night could have been quite a bit better, but the honeymoon, 8 years and 2 1/2 kids have resolved my fears that an annulment due to innability to consummate would be necessary).

On my way to fame and glory

I submitted my article to Intercom tonight. It feels good to be writing and publishing. I need to write more — I can’t let distractions get in the way so easily next time.

For my next article, I would like to write an article about classroom blogging (for writing courses).

I took the dog back

With a title like that, it’s no wonder what excitement must fill my day. Actually, I feel so busy that I can barely keep up. I have a long list of things to do, from the STC, church, my freelance, ITT, RJ, home upkeep, basketball, and on and on. I guess it’s good to stay busy. If I actually went to bed at a decent time, I would probably have the energy to do it all.

I discovered a really cool artist today — Rachel Yamagata. Jane, you would like her. Just log into yahoo and play her top songs.

I am really bummed about losing my lucky fishing lure, but maybe when I meet with the fishing guy tomorrow he’ll have some more.

All Alone Now

Now that Jane and the kids are in Utah, I’ve been on my own for a while. Of course I have Britney, the Carpenter’s dog, with me. Britney is a good sport, but she is after all only a dog.

Church was all right today. I taught Elders Quorum because Matt? had to leave. The lesson was on increasing kindness, a talk given by Pres.? Hinckley. A lady from South Africa visited the church with her boyfriend, but they didn’t stay past sacrament. Luckily we had good speakers — Josh Chattin and a visiting YM president.

After church Shorty and I? tried to deliver the sacrament to Sister Dunno, but she was already in the hospital. I didn’t even know her first name or why she was in the hospital. It was pouring down rain, and the streets were flooded at the edges.

The Wang’s needed? help too? ? someone to help them unload a little organ and piano. Of course these each weighed about 500 pounds, and it took about half a dozen of us to get the items to the ground. I brought along the missionaries to help.

Then I went to Marlene’s to help her set up a blog for her cancer trial drug research group. I thought I could set up a blog on the free wordpress site, but apparently only users? with other wordpress blogs are allowed to register themselves and create new posts. I was pretty upset about that, because it seems so ridiculous. It also turns out that Marlene wanted to customize things more than the free site allows anyway, so I’m going to create a site for her on my host. This is all part of a larger experiment I have about the uses of blogs.

I would like to put together a presentation for the STC entitled 5 levels of blogging, or something, and talk about family blogs, chapter blogs, nonprofit organization blogs, e-business blogs, and corporate blogs. If I have working models of each, it’ll be a cool presentation.

I sure to miss Jane and the girls. Life is so quiet without them. I have a lot of friends without kids or even spouses. They don’t realize how empty life is without family. It would be the equivalent of removing a mother or father from one’s life — entirely. (At least I think.) Relationships are what life is all about. They are what matter in the end.

I am hoping that the convenience of blogging will help me keep a better journal. I really need to. Plus I would like the journal to be a family journal, including extended family. A family scrapbook blog.